Ghost in The Shell

Episode 29- Ghost In The Shell

In this new episode Dustin is missing! No, his wife is about to have a baby so he will be taking some time off. So Mike and David hold down the fort and discuss the 1995 anime classic, Ghost in the Shell, and its 2017 live action remake. We address the whitewashing and decide which is better, subs or dubs!

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Episode Two- King Kong (2005) and Kong Skull Island

In episode two the MDXpods crew watched Peter Jackson's "masterpiece" King Kong and review Kong Skull Island. Listen to find out if we thought this movie was necessary.

In episode two we also read listener mail. Some of you guys asked about Beauty and The Beast, Ghost in the Shell, and Wonder Woman.

In news we discussed the potential Spawn reboot and Metal Gear Solid getting a live action adaptation.

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