MDXpods is a podcast network founded by Mike Acevedo, Dustin Cantrell, and Xavier Coelho-Kostolny. MDXpods features shows hosted by Mike, Dustin, DaviD, and KAtrina Sherwood.

Remake Rewind, the first podcast from MDXpods, officially Debuted  on March 6, 2017. 

RUin my childhood debuted march 23, 2017.



Our Team


Mike Aceved0- Founder, Host, Producer, & Engineer

Mike is never as happy as he is at the moment after the trailers end right before the movie starts. He has encyclopedic knowledge of movies not unlike IMDb. Plays D&D.


Dustin cantrell- Host & Artist

Dustin is a man of mystery and wisdom. He finds both the absurd and the deep themes of movies. Plays D&D.


David "Double D" Delgado-Host & RedDITor

David Delgado is our resident Robocop expert. David is an avid sports fan and gamer. He collects Xbox controllers and plays D&D.


Katrina Sherwood-Host engineer, & Producer

Katrina is the creative and crafty mind behind Katrinaosity on YouTube and Etsy. With her quick wit she will keep the boys on task! Plays D&D.

PAtreon Executive Producers

Alix Crocker

 Jesus Rodriguez