Episode 1.5- What to Watch For Episode Two

Thanks for listening to episode one! We would loved to hear what you think about episode one. Please let us know what movies you would like us to cover next. If you would like us to do any fan-casting submit your suggestion online through Twitter or at MDXpods@gmail.com.

Episode 2 will cover Kong Skull Island and King Kong (2005). Xavier really wants to watch the 1976 version as well. We wont force you to watch it but all other Kong movie will be better in comparison if you watch that one. 

Finally, as we head out of the March Madness of remakes (Kong Skull Island, Beauty and the Beast, Power Rangers, Ghost in the Shell) we will be transitioning into a bi-weekly format. So full episodes will be every other week. With a mini-episode in between to tell yuo guys what to watch next.

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